Warung Senggol

Bincang Santai dengan Pakar, Pelaku dan Pemerhati Internet atau Teknologi Informasi dari Indonesia

Enda NasutionUntuk Edisi Bincang Santai yang perdana ini, Warung Senggol ditemani oleh Mas Enda Nasution yang juga kita kenal sebagai Bapak Blogger Nasional.

Setelah bercerita sedikit tentang dimana Mas Enda dibesarkan dan latar-belakang pendidikan, Mas Enda mulai membagi pengalaman bagaimana dia merintis dunia profesional, dan bagaimana asal-mulanya dia mulai nge-blog. Tentunya salah satu pertanyaan yang diajukan adalah, bagaimana Mas Enda bisa mendapat julukan ‘Bapak Blogger Nasional’ ini.

Kemudian Mas Enda juga mengemukakan pendapatnya tentang bagaimana perkembangan dunia Internet pada umumnya dan Blogging pada khususnya di Indonesia.

Bincang Santai ini diakhiri dengan Mas Enda memberikan sedikit tips/tricks untuk kita semua yang baru/sedang mulai nge-blog.

Semoga edisi perdana ini bisa membawa manfaat bagi kita semua.

Terimakasih sebesar-besarnya untuk Mas Enda yang sudah memberikan sedikit waktunya untuk bincang-bincang ini.

Warung Senggol sangat mengharapkan komentar, kritik, saran dan feedback dari teman semua demi perbaikan untuk edisi yang mendatang. Khususnya kalau ada saran untuk siapa ‘tokoh’ yang patut diwawancarai, akan sangat berguna. Semua ini bisa langsung ditulis di kolom komentar di bawah, atau bisa lewat email ke alamat podcast[at]warungsenggol[dot]com.

Jangan lupa untuk subscribe, lewat RSS atau Email, supaya nggak ketinggalan.

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194 Responses to “Bincang Santai Warung Senggol Episode 1: Enda Nasution”

  1. congratz buat episode perdananya yaa :)

    btw, kaget juga deh yg wordpress bahasa Indonesia segitu banyaknya..
    ohy, kebetulan ga ikutan pesta blogger.. mau nanya dong mas, ada ga sih situs yang bener2 me-list blogger dari Indonesia? mm maksudnya yang secara menyeluruh gitu. dari bio si authornya, jenis blognya, industrinya, termasuk juga yang personal. katanya pemerintah mau bikin ya? bener ga sih? *tapi klo yang personal susah juga ya.. –kaya mendata diary orang2 se-Indonesia >.<

    ditunggu next episodenya ya!

    • Makasih Cha. Untuk data Blogger seluruh Indonesia, tunggu saja tanggal mainnya :)

      • I thought I’d have to read a book for a dircovesy like this!

      • That’s because Obama (& Clinton) are wrong! One Man- One Woman! When judgement days comes I feel sorry for those who don’t respect God’s word!

      • Miguel / Hola Rosa!Yo no pude estar porque me afiliado en este mes y no tenia invitación.Pero bueno,no pasa nada,a eso si, me gustaria hablar contigo y conocerte en persona.Fernando Savater he visto que hablaba de resolver un Galimatías de ideas, tal vez yo tengo la solución para ello.Me gustaria que me escuchases, así que espero que te pongas en contacto conmigo.Enhorabuena y gracias por estar al frente de todo el partido,sin ti muchos no tendriamos partido con que identificarnos.Un abrazo.y espero respuesta.

      • Its all about context , eh ?People get shot , bombed and slaughtered all over the place , daily . When its in certain places , its so much more “important ” , ” shocking ” and ” newsworthy ” .A cynical person might say ” theres no such thing as bad publicity ”Remember the earthquake in ” BAM ” , was it Iran ? As I recall , 100 ,000 people died in one night . A forgotten footnote in the history of“important ” death .

      • What a great story teller you are. I can't say I would be glad to see snow…but I know kids love it. Great photos, and with the narration, I felt like I was along for the trip.

      • Dear Bob,After your last piece, I called you “some kind of angel” for having the courage and fortitude to talk about these issues. Now I nominate and vote for you as whistleblower of the 21st Century, perhaps the last one if we don’t change our ways. Thank you again for your relentless pursuit of the truth, as it is. And thanks Intrepid Report for carrying this amazing piece.To life,Jerry Mazza.

      • That shower curtain is immense! Cannot wait to see what you end up making from it.The patchwork curtains are absolutely gorgeous. How long did they take to make? Must have been a real labour of love!

      • Recht so, ist ja schließlich ein Sammel- und kein reinkuck-Album.Da gab es doch bestimmt auch so ein oder zwei Motive, die man ständig suchte, während man andere 10fach hatte, nicht wahr? Im Falle der Frauen-WM hatte sich der Hersteller entschlossen, das Frankfurter Waldstadion nur in begrenzter Menge aufzulegen, zumal man bei einer kompletten Stadionserie diese gegen ein Freiticket der Bahn eintauschen konnte.Hmm, vielleicht sollte ich mal ähnliches mit meinen Blogeinträgen machen …?

      • I will non-discriminatory absent filch your rss as I can not in verdict your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Solve you have any? Kindly permit me recognise as a result that I could subscribe. Thanks.

      • One more small fact. the mall is a "gun free zone". The company that owns it has a no weapons policy at all 200 of the malls they own.

      • We try so hard to BE something or someone in this life… this poem and video is a beautiful reminder that we just need to BE our real self and don’t let life pass us by while we are trying to BE the next someone or something great….I love all the encouragement and love you extend to all of us… thank you.[]

      • Masha Allah that is the real deal of cooking. I love to cook and I love this website. Waxaan kaloo kufaraxsanahey in aan ka heley dish aan so long raadinaayey sida exactly loo sameeyo oo ah Galaamuude so yum..Thankzz a lot even muufo baraawe rocks and even macsharo kaba daran. Alla maxaan ku faraxsanahey webkaan. Keep doing ur wonderfull job waana idiin hanbalyeenayaa .

      • I’m with you. I was floored when the Modbook was released and have continued to hold out hope for the Pro, even to the point where I check for updates weekly, but to no avail. For something with such promise this really was a let down.

      • I really enjoy youtube, it's one of my favorite sites on the internet because of innovations like this. Going forward however I wont' be able to watch as much youtube as I'd like due to bandwidth restrictions imposed by my ISP here in Canada, Rogers Cable. 60gbs a month.. 4 computers in the household = no more youtube unless there are special occassions.

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      • Umarim gerceklesir hayaliniz bir sekilde :) Aah benim hayalim de dunya turu. Esimin konferanslarina bel bagliyorum ben de. Yoksa esime gore dunya bir tik mesabesinde :)

      • Debbie Hi William, do you mean on photographs on another page, or yours? If someone else’s page, then they have probably set their permissions so that no-one can comment (can’t quite see the point though) especially if they’re trying to attract controversy!

      • Kazaku | (17:13) kie kie kie Il fallait pas combat ekota na france po buzoba eleki na mboka wana. Richard Lumumba na Pierrot soki bazali na londres nde esi balie frappe. Rex pe sans position tantot chez roger lumbala, tantot akoti John tshibangu doute, tantot afingi richard Lumumba na facebook. kie kie combat il faut ekufa na france bozongela kolanda ba musiciens. Bande des vaux rien. LOL

      • ICL, the point is that no one knew If Sharma could bat or not, why not shield him and try and score yourself. Then slowly let him face a few, surely Sachin could have shown more urgency and protected this kid from Brett Lee. He threw him in the deep end.

      • Fantastic website you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get feed-back from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Cheers!

      • Ik word hier zo moe van. Wanneer gaan sommige mensen nou eens begrijpen dat je je publiek moet AANSPREKEN in plaats van verachten en hooghartig doen? Waarom leren ze nou niet een keer van hun vijand?

      • We are still up and running Mon-Fri. 10:00-4:00 serving our Porklandia and all our other great dogs sausages and sandwiches. At 5th. And Harrison. P.S.U. parking garage.

      • Are we really surprised. The beauty of the AIG meeting, and yes the company had the reward meeting booked in advance, however, the hotel would have worked with them in rebooking the meeting. AIG may have lost a deposit, they could have utilized the cancellation as a positive PR move making the cancellation made public.This human behavior gives all of us job security and somethng for us to write and talk about.

      • Hi Bobby,I always wondered what was going on with hypnosis and if it was real. I have a question for you. On television, people don’t remember the things they have done under hypnosis. So, is that false?Robins last blog post..

      • I’m just trying to make sense of the current state of affairs). As my friend and colleague Tris Hussey noted, The next thing that struck me is that since 2003 (and since 2005 specifically) I haven’t had

      • What youre stating is fully true. I am aware that everyone ought to say exactly the same thing, but I just feel that you place it inside a way that everyone can realize. I also love the photos you place in here. They match so nicely with what youre looking to say. Im certain youll reach so many folks with what youve received to say.

      • Felicitaciones!!! Seguramente tu casa nueva va a quedar divina como esta, con toda la creatividad y todo el amor que le ponen a lo que hacen. Nos va a encantar ver todo el proceso!!!!

      • I’m polish and that a real good look for proof.. the polish had a saying that should be a grave word of warning to all who would seek to destroy her. you may conquer the land but you will never conquer the people. an occupied people don’t have to win. they just don’t have to lose.

      • Vida, človÄ›k by Å™ekl, že se obvykle spíš taxikáři doproÅ¡ujou zákaznic, jestli by nechtÄ›li [doslova] jízdu zdarma (a zákaznice odolávají, protože na nÄ› doma čeká zachovalá blondýna a ono je to pÅ™itom naopak – teď už jen zjistit, jestli to tak má i AleÅ¡ Háma…

      • Oh, putting them at the front really is anathema! That's like saying whodunnit on the sleeve of a detective novel, or using a shot from an endoscope as your profile picture on a dating site, or something…Dedications – yes. Definitely tricky. Maybe someone should devote a post to them?

      • hola en el linck de las tarjetas soportadas no vi mi tarjeta es una tl-wn7200nd…. o alguien sabe alguna forma de ver exactamente el chip que se tiene sin necesidad de abrir el aparato

      • Oh no … you have had it bad with this card. Don't worry i will send the white coats back,lol Even with all your problems, this card is stunning. The colours i adore, and i just love that big bow.. Hey with i was this good for a rush job.

      • pisze:Jak gdzieÅ› urwÄ™ sobie wtyczkÄ™, to oczywiÅ›cie pokażę ;)Ale generalnie sprawa jest bardzo prosta. W tym poÅ›cie masz pokazane, jak wyglÄ…da wtyczka w Å›rodku: Do wtyczki idÄ… dwa kanaÅ‚y (lewy i prawy), wiÄ™c w sumie masz trzy żyÅ‚y (lewy, prawy i masa). MasÄ™ lutujesz do tej najdÅ‚uższej blaszki, kanaÅ‚ lewy do tej blaszki przymocowanej w Å›rodku, a kanaÅ‚ prawy to tej ostatniej blaszki. Upewniasz siÄ™, że wszystko gra, izolujesz wszystkie blaszki, skrÄ™casz i gotowe :)

      • Ich würde mich für Ann Cleeves “Das letzte Wort” interessieren.Es ist das einzige Buch von der Buchauswahl was ich noch nicht kenne. Habe ich auch noch nie etwas von gehört. Das macht mich schon neugierig.Liebe GrüßeStephie

      • Michael, wishing you a Merry Christmas together with your family !!Love your voice so much and I was so happy I could listen to you in april at your concert tour in Cologne/Germany. It was an incredible night. Thanks!!Hope to see you back in Europe in 2013!! But please not in May, because then I’ll be on vacation in your beautiful Vancouver/Vancouver Island ;-).Lots of love from the Netherlands,Angelika

      • I do hope every American will be calling for every congressman and senator to be arrested and charged with violating the constitution and our rights. Its time for us all to stand together and throw these commie loving bums out of our nation. I do hope this is the end of the Obama destruction of this country.

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      • Stunning to happen upon this. Remember getting the roadies to play it out over the PA of a stage they were errecting for a punk gig, the summer it came out. Lying between the stack, it felt like your brain was pulled out. Don't think it ever quite went back in straight after that…Thanks for this, the Juju and the Best Dressed Chicken.

      • somos de nuevo valentin y solchu nos encanta el personaje de ana de mariano y dante . chau los queremos mucho chaitooooooooooooo . p.d. nos encanta su programa ojala que gane dante y ana

      • Are we able to find out about the lawsuits that have been brought against out Management company. I was told that they were sued in the Atlanta area but cannot find the information. Would it be public once it is in the court system?

      • *huff, det er ikke noe gøy nÃ¥r de smÃ¥ er syke! og spesielt ikke nÃ¥r der er det sÃ¥ ofte..de har en snill mamma da, som gjør sykedagene til noe gøy med baking og lek* hÃ¥per de blir fort friske, og at du fÃ¥r en heidundranes feiring til helgen! *likte godt den fine lekekassen med tavlemalingen!

      • I’ve never felt like black blends in. It might not stand out so much as hi-viz, but it’s a major contrast from the scenery/roads around here that are: green, brown, light gray, and tan.At night, it’s a different story, but that’s why I wouldn’t like a reflective delete.

      • So the politicians paid $26B for the autoworkers union vote in the next election. Are their enough of them to make that much difference? Cost per vote should be ?. Can almost guarantee that was a bad investment if it was your own money that you used but when you use someone elses money to buy votes, seems cheap.

      • Wow, I feel like such a sucker for not using Firefox. But, hey, my browser is based on open source too. Victor,Was the track Lameck by Alan Namoko and Chimvu Jazz from you? I really love that last track, but had trouble finding information about it. Do you know anything more about them?

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      • Charlemagne– I totally agree. Although I would say it has always been quite PC but has gotten quite worse. I played a heroin addict in an episode about five years ago. And I can tell you from personal experience that my fellow actors and crew members were so liberal I couldn’t stand it anymore and I had to speak my piece. Bad decision. I was immediately persona non grata and never worked on L & O again. Coincidence? I think not.

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      • Jag gÃ¥r aldrig klädd i jeans hemma! Men det är kanske att efter en lÃ¥ng dag pÃ¥ jobbet finns det inget annat än myskläder (fast alltid ngt hyfsat snyggt, Line of Oslo el dyl) som gäller!Hur mÃ¥nga extensions har du i hÃ¥ret nu? Har frÃ¥gat innan, vore kul om du kunde svara. Vilken typ är det, microringar?

      • Perhaps there is lack in positive role models/mentoring in general surgery? There is a formal mentoring program at my med school and I am not aware of any general surgery mentors…Personally, I am interested in general surgery and as a 3rd year medical student would love to have a surgeon-mentor.

      • The flip side of MySpace snobbery in the UK at least is iPhone obsession. The latest figures I’ve found is that 98% of mobile phone handsets in the UK are non-iPhone. That doesn’t quite match up with the proportion of coverage of mobile phones that is about the iPhone…

      • Ã… vad du är GOD:)Tack snälla för underbara ord hos mig du är jo sÃ¥ gullig:) Det uppskattas mycket:)Hoppas att dagen har varit bra och att du fÃ¥r en riktigt trevlig eftermiddag och kväll:)Kramar frÃ¥n Lilla Inger:)

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      • Ã…h- Light taupe är ett av mina favoritlack hemma. Det satt faktiskt rätt sÃ¥ bra om jag minns rätt. Andra lack jag har testat som sitter bra är vissa Isadora lack och alla Eyekolack jag testat. Mina Butter London lack sitter ocksÃ¥ väldigt bra.

      • more here: 5 Tips to Simple Organic Gardening – Mama Knows Tags: a-good-start, and-are, and-farming, and-sprinkler, concern-and, fun-too, Gardening,

      • Well it is undoubtedly a warped cylinder head which caused the coolant to leak past the head gasket.First of all the head will most likely need machining = 100 dollars tops then a head gasket = 80-90 dollars cylinder head bolts will need replacing = 90 dollars. OK now the tricky part is how long will this take the tech and what is his rate. so it should take about 5-6 hours tops and if he gets 100 dollars an hour that is 600 plus 280 so about 880 and it will probably take the head a day or two to be machined. Grand Cherokees are famous for this problem i have done two this month same problem.

      • C’est un Fa que j’ai déja vu dans une chanson de U2, j’aime beaucoup sa sonorité c’est très agréable.Après, l’accord barré est incontournable et c’est vrai que le faire sur la première frette, c’est dur au départ. J’ai appris l’accord barré en La ou en Si, c’est a dire 5eme ou 6eme frette, c’est moins douloureux au début ^^Pascal Mon dernier article …

      • Sounds like you had lots of fun and getting the signatures you needed, so happy for you, our boy did a great job on his save,YAY

      • that “Frank Lampard is too old to be useful and needs to leave. Fernando Torres has been a massive disappointment from beginning to end and Roman Abramovich is a ruthless megalomaniac”, then he wouldn’t have lied – most of us would agree. That wouldn’t make his quotes appropriate, or helpful. The notion Piazon shouldn’t be criticized because he told the truth, to me is ludicrous.Reply

      • Hello, I just hopped over to your site through StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might normally read, but I liked your views none the less. Thanks for creating something worthy of reading.

      • Atenção: nojo também quer dizer luto, aliás, começou por querer dizer isso.Nojo, no sentido de asco, pelo que foi e fez em vida, nenhum nojo, no sentido de luto, agora, na hora da sua morte. E amén!

      • When I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any manner you can take away me from that service? Thanks!

      • Willyans, gostaria muito de ir para o ESUD, mas já confirmei CIAED, SBGames e Hipertexto, então acho que não conseguirei ESUD e ANPEd. É uma pena, mas vai ficar muita coisa!

      • Guten Morgen!Also Resümee nach 3/4jahr betrieb:Flüsterleise ,War mal lauter nach dem ich ihn Stromlos hatte als ob Luft im Kompressor war Stecker raus wieder rein war schon besser dann nochmal und schwupps war er leise!Deswegen soll man ihn nach Trennung vom Stromnetz auch min 1/2std. Aus lassen!Temperaturen sind alle TopBin sehr zufrieden !Michael aus Hamburg

      • The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.

      • Yeah, schön mal wieder etwas von dir zu lesen! Freut mich das euer Bauvorhaben soweit abgeschlossen ist und mal wieder Zeit für Ausflüge und Blogschreiben übrig bleibt.Was du hinter dir hast fängt bei mir gerade an. Ab Mitte Juli werde ich mit meiner Frau einen alten Bauernhof sanieren um dann hoffentlich bald dort leben zu können.

      • Meu caro Lidador,Posso não ser a mente mais brilhante do planeta, mas posso vir aqui e encontrar uma mente menos inteligente que eu, meu caro Lidador.É que mesmo com os livros que lês continuas incapacitado de os entender e ir buscar conteudo para manteres um debate até ao fim. Quando conseguires isso, concedo que me ultrapassaste em termos de inteligência até lá vai tentando.

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      • beka diyor ki:Var iken yokmuÅŸum,öyle gözükmüşüm..Ötelerde bir ben kalmışım.Aslında hep ben varmışım,öylesine tek başıma. Bir de sen varmışsın, yok iken var gözüken,varlıkla yükümlü kıldığım bir sen…Åžimdilerde gidiÅŸlerle birlikte bir ben kalmışım gerilerde tek başıma, hep olduÄŸu gibi…

      • – Te trezesti ca iti “lipsesc” anumite chestii, gen bani, telefoane, haine cateodata…-2 politisti si 4 jandarmi la 10.000 de persoane. Ar fi ok, daca n-ar sta toata ziua in masina politie incercand sa prinda cu radaru fete in costum de baie.- Cluburi degeaba;- Baie mai necurata decat necuratu’;- Si care-i faza cu mexicanii de stau la intrare la WCu public si percep taxa?

      • Du kan tor at vi lo begge to her nÃ¥r vi leste kommentaren din i gÃ¥r! ;)))Sklie og greier…. Haha! ;)Du er herlig!Jeg har kjøpt eget domene her inne i dag. MÃ¥tte legge inn alle bloggene pÃ¥ nytt i blogglisten min. MEN din blogg ville den ikke legge til i den oppdaterte listen (blogroll?)…. HM!Kommer innom likevel jeg. 😉

      • Camilla Belle is a very beautiful woman. i really like her eyes because they are pretty. i first saw Camilla Belle when she was still a kid on the movie Annie-A Royal Adventure.

      • If Britain actually goes ahead with a big build of like 10 big nuclear plants that they are talking about they will become a world leader in nuclear. And have clean, affordable energy for 2 generations of future Brits to come.They need to just go for it.

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      • Hihi, och jag som helt rÃ¥tt och osentimentalt rycker ut försättsbladet och lägger det Ã¥t sidan. Fast sÃ¥ okänslig är jag nog mest med dÃ¥liga böcker, ergo de flesta…Men Gud nÃ¥de den som slÃ¥r eller pillar eller är dum mot nÃ¥gon bok jag tycker om. Kärringen som slog Herrarna i skogen torde fÃ¥ ett nackskott.

      • we keep making progress and getting closer and closer to a tipping point. This will be won in the court of Public Opinion.When the Public outcry is so high that nobody can derail it with lies.Polls dropping is a big tell tale sign that the tide is turning.

      • I love the cut and the color is incredible! It's got such depth to it – so fun and sassy! And I love the play of stripes in your outfit. Black and white is one of my favorite combinations, but I love how you've done it here with layers and details and textures. Great look!

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      • Haha! I also used to loath Fig Newtons as a kid. But when I was back in the US in 2005 I had one & all of a sudden all of the flavours came together in a quite tasty way. Thanks for this lovely recipe!

      • Barátaimmal együtt csatlakozunk, bár egyikünk sem szakács. Bográcsban fogjuk fÅ‘zni a gulyásunkat, ami – a félreértések, különbözÅ‘ értelmezések miatt mondom – nálunk leves lesz, bár nem éppen híg szokott lenni. Mindenkinek jó fÅ‘zést és jó étvágyat kívánok!

      • Du har sÃ¥ rätt! Jag blev uppiggad av en solskenspromenad till och frÃ¥n stan! Och tanken pÃ¥ intressant PKU! HÃ¥ller tummarna för dig ocksÃ¥!Blev sugen pÃ¥ att göra nÃ¥t politiskt när jag var ute och gick nyss, nÃ¥t aktivt utomparlamentariskt (inte "reclaima" utan nÃ¥n mer seriös protestgrej). Ska definitivt kolla upp bloggen!! :-)

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      • nooooo, alison! what part of it did you break? what a bummer. i hope it heals fast and flawlessly.your broken-legged driving, though, makes my broken-footed hobbling to the ER look like child’s play. xxooxx

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      • I get your drift on where you were going there. I often think of my past and use it as a means to analyze where I am and where I want to get to. Where I struggel is balancing it all out. How do you guys balance things out?

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      • A beautiful and heartwarming post, Island. Thank you for sharing this special experience with us. Brought back special memories of when I took my children to their school’s bazaar. And I can certainly relate to the 12 hour shifts, night and day. By the grace of God I got through many 8 and 12 hour shifts while working in a medical laboratory for 8 years. May the grace of God be always upon you and your family.

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      • Re: The late Lt. Petrosino: I believe that around 1960 his career was memorialized in the film “Black Hand” (?) starring Ernest Borgnine. It wasa B film which I vaguely remember seeing on TV (Million Dollar Movie?) too many years ago.

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